For over 20 years Ludmila has helped numerous
clients to overcome or greatly elevate
issues related to chronic and acute conditions

Have you ever wanted to improve your health but didn’t know where to start?

Welcome to Boston Holistic Healing Center, place where you will find answers, ideas and feedback that is natural health and alternative medicine focused. At the Center Ludmila offers her clients a total Holistic lifestyle approach. It combines her personal Energy Healing abilities with an advanced Nutrition Program which is uniquely custom tailored for each client and uses supplements and weight management system, Meditation Groups (including mind and body relaxation as well as meditative breathing) and Reiki Healing. This distinctive unique combination allows clients of the Wellness Center to achieve painless, optimal physical health, emotional / psychological balance, as well as happiness and longevity.

For over 18 years Ludmila has helped hundreds of clients to overcome or greatly alleviate symptoms related to such health ailments as Anxiety, Depression, Migraine, Thyroid Issues, Gout, Fibromyalgia, Diabetes, Sciatica, Back Pain, Sport Injuries, Irritable Bowel Syndrome, Urinary Tract Infection, Diverticular Disease, ADD and ADHD. She also preps her clients for surgeries and helps with post-surgical recoveries.

Ludmila empowers her clients by offering Reiki Training Classes for both adults and kids and Meditation groups. Specializing in combining Energy Healing, Reiki Healing, Chakra Healing and Chakra Balancing, Intuitive Counseling, Intuitive Life Coaching and Nutrition program, she changes one life at a time.

Modern lifestyle, poor dietary choices, lack of physical activity, intake of sugary foods, the rise in chronic diseases and stress, frequently contribute to poor health, which leads to poor sleep, weight gain and potentially diabetes. Some of us are facing certain food allergies such as tree nuts, sea food or need to be on a gluten free diet. In recent years, facing numerous health issues, more and more people are giving up on old habits and are switching to organic and locally grown food understanding how critical nutrition foods to our health.

Nutrition and Wellness program is custom tailored to the needs of each client and is proven to make a positive impact on your life! Program is based on making necessary adjustments to the existing diet based on a thorough assessment of personal health history and current diet, by getting to the root cause of your problems, such as insomnia, low energy, skin problems and hormonal issues. Food is your best medicine for many health problems. Nutrition and Wellness program is NOT a diet, it’s a lifestyle change.

Poor physical health can cause poor mental health and vice versa. When we look at our health we should look at the concept of body, mind and spirit as a whole in which all of the elements are connected and in which each feature affects the other.

Health is an ongoing discovery process of how to integrate your entire being into achieving the utmost in wellness. It’s all too often we do not recognize the importance of our health – both physical and mental – until we get an ache, a chronic condition or become awfully stressed out. Then and only then we will try to cope with the issue and if nothing works, we turn for a help from a medical professional. The bottom line is, in order to be in the best shape both physically and mentally, we need to be proactive to either staying healthy or getting back in shape. Preventive care is very effective, being proactive means more than taking the initiative. It means that we, by and large, are responsible for our own lives and the choices that we make.

As a Health Counselor, Ludmila takes you on a journey for living an energized and passionate life.

"Whatever your concerns are, my job is to help you find which food and lifestyle choices will work best for you and the life you desire." - Ludmila.

As a part of the holistic healing approach, Ludmila leverages her natural abilities with the deep knowledge of various energy healing techniques and years of experience to provide her clients with alleviation and often elimination of physical and emotional elements. Her LIFE guidance has helped many to find their path in life.

Energy healing can be instrumental not only in helping people with various chronic diseases but also with the weight management.

Ludmila's Nutrition and Wellness program and Healing services are available in person and worldwide, to those living outside of Massachusetts, via Skype, her international clients live in England, Morocco and Russia.

Get in touch, your wellness is my concern!

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Center's Services

Nutrition Program

Nutrition Program

Energy Healing | Chakra Balancing

Energy Healing /
Chakra Balancing

Energy Healing helps you release blocks in your body, whether they are physical,
emotional or mental and behaviors that keep you limited in your potential and true health.

Chakra Balancing are points that regulate energy flow. If these points are blocked and unhealthy then energy cannot flow freely resulting in physical illness and discomfort. Ludmila’s healing system concentrates on the removal of toxins out of the energy field that results in the removal of blockages as well as healing and balancing of all the chakras.

Reiki Healing and Reiki Training

Reiki Healing /
Reiki Training Classes /
Reiki Circle

Reiki is an energy healing technique that promotes stress reduction, relaxation and healing. It involves gentle placement
of the practitioner's hands on the client's fully dressed body and conduction of pure Reiki energy to the client.

Meditation Groups

Meditation Groups

Significant benefits of Meditation have been found for many health conditions, including high blood pressure, heart disease, insomnia, and chronic pain. Research also has shown significant improvements in mental health, memory, concentration, and productivity.

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